Waxing and Waning

Yesterday as I waited on a bench at Keele Station, an elderly gentleman in a fisherman’s hat and frayed plaid shirt sat beside me. He looked up into the daylight sky and pointed out the half moon. “Do you think it’s waxing or waning” he asked. Now to be honest, I had no clue… so I said, ‘with 100% certainty, it’s waxing”. He smiled and said ‘you’re right’. I’m not sure if he actually knew or he was just feeding off my confidence.

We talked about the Fall weather and how we both loved it. We talked about rush hour, and how we both hated it. He told me at his age he needed to pace himself if he was going to make it – no boozing, no late nights, activity spread out over the day. I told him that at his age, he might as well go all out, what did he have to lose? We were both frozen in silence for a second and then he threw his head back and laughed wholeheartedly.

In that moment our bus showed up. I walked towards the bus and he told me to have a great day. I curiously watched him walk back into the station and out through the turnstiles to the street.

I think he decided to take my advice.

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