A Group Interaction on my first try!

I left work at 5pm and took the Spadina streetcar to the subway. I stood on a packed platform waiting for the subway. The trains flew in at a rapid pace – every minute or two. Each train was more packed than the one before. I would stand against the wall and then move towards the door. As they opened, I could see people squished mercilessly against the glass. There wasn’t a square inch to squeeze in. When the train left, I’d return to the wall. I repeated this process 5 times. Finally a man looked up and smiled at me and we were unified in our pain. When the 6th train approached, I looked at him and said, “If this train is packed, I’m jumping in front of it”. He was taken aback and laughed and said “me too”. Then, a man who was standing behind us said “I’m in”. The train arrived and we all squeezed in.

A group interaction on my first try!

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