Todd For The Win


Yesterday on the Bay Platform, I watched a man march right up to a woman waiting for the train and launch into questions. “Are you a dancer or did you study….?” She was tentative at first but he was so intense that she found herself joking and bantering with him. I clicked a pic and thought, this is potentially a TTC Tale. 15 minutes later, I heard his familiar voice behind me. He asked another woman, ‘did you go to such and such school, or grow up ____ because you look so familiar’. She laughed and said she had a familiar face. They talked for a few minutes before he moved on and sat near me. Yes – I love when the universe gives me a gift:)

“I like your communication skills, you really rock at that,” I said. Then he lit up. It was like he was waiting his whole life to be acknowledged for that. He spent 10 minutes telling me how important it is to talk to people and bring them out of their shells, how important it was to put our phones down, how important it was to model this for our kids. Finally, I said, “Listen, you don’t need to convince me! I write TTC Tales about human connection”. He beamed and said, ‘please make sure I’m added, my name is Todd’ and then he smiled a huge smile lol.

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