Sweetheart Meter:)


I was at the Dundas Station when I saw an elderly homeless man sitting in the stairs with a sign. I was searching my purse for change with my back to him when I heard him say “Is that my sweetheart meter going off”? lol. I didn’t have much change but he was so adorable I felt inclined to pull out a $5 (something I rarely do). I said, “can I ask you something… if I had given you a cake, would you have liked that? (I’ll explain this someday). He said, “I SURE would”! lol. So adorable. We talked all about what kind of cake he liked, and then he told me that he’d been a teacher once, and that he’d spent $280K taking care of his mom in a home and when he lost her he had no one. He was so moved that I was listening to him that he started to cry and asked for a hug. He said, “no one ever sees me”. At that exact moment two young people came by and gave him sandwiches. He jumped up and told me I had changed his luck and he couldn’t be any happier.

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