Lily and I were on a packed Queen bus, heading towards Yonge when I heard the commotion. Two black women, one in her thirties, another in her fifties, were storming towards the back of the bus, loudly proclaiming their disdain for the driver. I couldn’t hear the exact problem, but the younger woman was raging about a lack of customer service. Normally I shy away from outbursts on the ttc but I’m passionate about this topic. Our eyes met and I nodded in solidarity. “I don’t understand why people get into customer service, when they aren’t good with people” I shared. She emphatically agreed. “HELL YA”. She went on to explain that she asked the driver to lower the bus for her friend who had a bad back but the driver sighed loudly and did one little push at a time, while she kept telling him lower! “It’s one button – all he has to do is push it” she exclaimed. We were sharing our stories of frustration, and really, ttc drivers often infuriate me with their rudeness and lack of heart. Finally I said, “I love your assertive nature, it’s empowering”. She laughed and thanked me. She went on to explain that they both worked in a non-profit and they had to deal with problems every day and that they had to be tough and assertive to get their point across. Lily had jumped up initially to offer the older woman her seat, and she hugged her for the sweet gesture. As they left they gestured to Lily and said “you look like you are raising an assertive young lady also” and I must admit that I am:) Nice experience on the TTC.

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