She’s so old news!

Yesterday I was sitting across from an older gentleman with flyaway Einstein hair and a little beige windbreaker. A young, stylish 20 something girl sat beside him. She asked him politely to move his coat and I think he got excited that someone actually addressed him. He took this as a sign to initiate conversation. He said “what’s that”? She replied, ‘an iphone”. He went on to ask 20 questions… can she go on the internet with it? can she call someone when she’s on the ttc? can she play games? She was frustrated but she answered politely. Finally she curtly said, ‘I’m going to listen to music, good day”, and put her earphones in. She was reading her book and he was looking inquisitively over her shoulder. I was smiling through this whole thing… I don’t know why… because these things amuse me lol. Anyway, a few stops later, a seat became empty. The girl got up and moved. I watched the man’s eyes follow her, craning his neck to see her into her new seat. Then a sad look came over his face. Why did she have to move and make him feel so bad? So I pulled out my phone and said to him “I have an iphone too”! And voila, she was so old news!

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