Purolator – The Good Guys!

I was on the subway yesterday, and a boisterous, slightly “out there” gentleman absolutely wanted to chat. He was trying to smile and talk to everyone around him, but not one person replied back, they just looked straight ahead. When he said “nice day eh” to me, and I replied, “It sure is”, he knew he now had a captive audience. He told me his life story and I actively talked to him for about 20 mins. One thing I’ve noticed – when someone is a little different, and you talk to them, people start to wonder if you are a little “different” also. I don’t care what they think, but just an observation.

When I finally got to my stop, he looked heart broken that I was about to leave. He kept yelling “have a great day” as I walked to the door.. followed by “it was nice talking to you” and “don’t forget, we guys that work at Purolator are the good guys”. He waved enthusiastically and then I was gone.

I was laughing as I walked off and thought, it really takes so little to indulge people and actually make them feel worthwhile.

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