Faith Restored

Earlier this week on the Queen streetcar, there was a man who was mentally challenged. He kept yelling out “It’s raining, it’s raining”~ Everyone was trying to look in the opposite direction so they didn’t catch his attention. I was standing close to him so I said “It sure is, where is your umbrella”. He said “at home, at home, at home”!!! At every stop he’d say “Is this the subway”? And I’d say “no, not yet”. This happened for 12 stops lol. When we finally got to the subway, I was about 6 steps behind him. He went down the stairs and towards the snack shop. I guess when he pulled out his money, a $5 bill fell on the floor. There was a young kid, rapping, with ear phones on – he grabbed the $5, and a second later ran up to my new friend and gave him back his money. That was so nice to see. Faith restoring times on the TTC.

A Throwback

Here is a TTC Tale from 2013 – before they even existed:)

So today I was on a streetcar and a kinda crazy woman stormed to the back sitting across from me. She says very loudly “You have so many crazy people in Toronto, I just walk past them and find a good place to sit”. Everyone is looking away uncomfortably so I say “good plan” as not to make her feel like she’s being ignored. She keeps talking loudly about how hot it is, and I say “you got that right”! She says something else, and I comment, “you know your stuff”. I’m trying to be polite and at the same time, she’s clearly out of it, so I don’t want to be engaging in a full on conversation. All of a sudden she says “HAAAA you don’t say much, but everything you say is perfect. You’d be great in sales. What do you do for a living?” So we end up talking about my store and she’s writing down my website lol, and then she storms off the streetcar, and everyone smiles because it was such an ironic experience. Anyway, another girl asks me about my store and gets the address – so now I’ve decided to embrace the crazy and start networking wherever I can:)


and other stories of random human connection…

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