My Soulmate?

As many of my close friends know, I envision my soulmate to be an African man, glasses, works in the non-profit world, spiritual, gentle and loving, less ego, more Stedman to my Oprah.

Yesterday after toastmasters I stepped on to the subway at Bathurst Station. At that very moment a handsome African man in a grey suit walked on as well. He sat across from me and stared directly into my eyes. After a minute he smiled at me. I smiled back. A minute later he moved seats to be closer to me. Yep I thought, this is really happening, cue our theme song, shit is about to get real!

My soulmate put his hand on my arm and smiled gently… ‘do you ever wonder if God really loves us’ he asked. Um…. not really I thought. ‘Do you want to find happiness in life’? Yes, yes I do. ‘Do you want to pray and be heard by God’ he asked wistfully.

I smiled at him and stood up for my stop. “Yes I will pray tonight and I’m certain I’ll be heard, it was nice meeting you”. As the train slowed he handed me his Watchtower brochure – Enlightening Visions of the Spirit Realm.
“Jesus loves you and so do I” he said.

I froze… images of us handing out brochures in front of the ttc clouded my mind….. just us and our two kids, going door to door every weekend, lovingly meeting the neighbours, just me and my Jehovah soulmate…. nope, can’t do it.

Damn, So close and yet so far away!

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