My name is Claire.

Today I was on the subway heading into work. There was a disheveled woman in her early forties, plump with scraggly blonde hair and huge baggy jeans. She walked up and down the aisle repeating “My name is Claire, can I please have some money for food, I’m hungry. My name is Claire, can I please have some money for food, I’m hungry”. For some reason this made me smile. When she got to me I said, “Claire – how is your day”. She said, “not good, I’m hungry”. I said… ‘then I’m going to help you because I really like your marketing strategy”. She looked at me suspiciously but relaxed when I gave her some money. “I’m Claire, and I’m hungry” she repeated. “Yes, I totally get that” I said. She stared at me blankly for a second and then continued on her way, repeating her line.

Whether you are running a 7 figure business, or hustling for change – everything is marketing. She personalized her pitch by announcing her name. She pitched her problem. She was hungry. And she had the solution. Just give he some money. Short, and direct lol.

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