Isn’t He Lovely

I stepped onto the Royal York bus during rush hour. The bus was packed so I was standing in the door. A very old, sweet gentlemen was sitting up above and he got my attention and pointed to the empty seat beside him at the window. I smiled and said “I’m fine” but he wouldn’t relent. He just kept pointing and smiling until I felt like I might offend him. I laughed and said, “sure, there is an offer I can’t refuse”. Now… this man was about 80… and I watched in pain and he struggled for about 2 minutes to actually get out of his seat and let me in. lol, it was so surreal. When he finally got back into his seat I thought, dear lord, please let him get off before me. Fortunately his stop was one before mine and he struggled, awkwardly for a few minutes to get up and move towards the door. He was holding the bar, smiling at me. I smiled and said bye, and then he took his hand off the bar to start waving at me and then he was falling all over the place. A sweet moment on the TTC.

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