I’m good thanks, I’m trying to cut down.


A month ago I was at Dwayne Morgan II’s Soul Slam with my daughter Lily. Last year’s winner Charmie Deller came onstage and Lily fell in love! When we got home, she found her on Instagram and has spent the last month singing her songs around the house – obsessively! Charmie became her Justin Beiber.

Last night I got onto the subway at Broadview around 9pm. I noticed this young,cool girl, head bent over her guitar and I thought *maybe* it was her. I slowly put my phone up, waiting for the perfect second to not so discretely snap a pic. Then I heard this very gentle voice, ‘did you just take a picture of me”? lol… “um… uh…. um, yes?” lol. I asked her name and when she confirmed she was indeed Charmie, I told her my daughter was her biggest fan. I then sang her signature song lol. THANK GOD she was gracious about it, and flattered. We clicked a few pics, she gave me her upcoming performance schedule and then she said, “Does she smoke weed – because she can come to see me perform at 420 day and be in my video”. Being the cool mom that I am, I said, “yes”. When I got home I told Lily, ‘you just show up and say, I’m good thanks, I’m trying to cut down”.

Great times on the TTC.

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