I forgot my pass!

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch. She ran into the bank and I was waiting by the bus shelter for the King street car. I walked out into the street to see if it was coming and a caught the attention of woman nearby. She was a tiny Muslim woman maybe 5 feet tall with a grey head wrap and bright pink glasses. She had bright lipstick and a purple paisley jacket and she was beaming. She asked me if the streetcar was coming and I shook my head and smiled, ‘not as far as I can see’, and then I went into the shelter. She followed me in and started to tell me that she had forgotten her bus pass and she was stressed. I told her she should just enter from a back door as they won’t check but that she runs the risk if a fair inspector comes on. She then spent about 9 minutes telling me an elaborate story. She’s very forgetful. She owns a framing business and she often forgets her phone or her keys or her pass. The story got more and more animated, and finally she was laughing… like really laughing… and then tears were rolling down her face. I couldn’t make out the entire story but I just kept smiling and nodding. I was sitting, and she put her hand on my shoulder to steady herself as this story was apparently very hilarious and overwhelming. At that moment my friend came out of the bank and walked over to me. She looked at me incredulously and said, “wow, this stuff really does happen to you”. I think maybe she thought TTC tales were a figment of my imagination. Nope.

Finally the streetcar arrived and the little, cheerful woman walked right up to the driver, opened her purse and pulled out her pass?

Ya, I didn’t get it either:)

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