His Spirit Takes me!

Lily and I were sitting on a bench on the subway platform this past Sunday. Two uniformed TTC employees walked by, engrossed in conversation. One of the men was a chubby, black man in his late 40s’. After they passed, Lily turned to me and said “There is something about that guy I like. His spirit takes me”. I gasped and said, “OMG really? Me too”!!! I had just been thinking the same thing. “Lily… you don’t think this is astounding… that we are both connected to that guy.??? We need to go and tell him”. This became one of those moments where Lily rolls her eyes and pretends she’s annoyed, whilst jumping up and excitedly walking over with me.

“Mom – what are you possibly going to say” she asks… “why do we even have to do this”? I explained that how else are we going to end up with a TTC tale and that we couldn’t miss these opportunities. When we arrived in front of them, they looked at us almost annoyed. They were most likely expecting us to ask how we got to Yonge Street, but I launched into my speech.

“Maybe no one has ever stopped to tell you this, but you have amazing energy. There is something really special about you and we wanted you to know”. The guy laughed embarrassingly, and said “me”? He smiled and said “wow, thanks”… and then we quickly walked away. I didn’t have a whole lot left to say lol, but I felt that was enough:)

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