Heartbreak on the TTC

I went to Metro after work and then I was waiting at the bus stop. For whatever unfortunate reason, the bus took about 30 minutes to come. I was sitting beside a 64 year old woman with food in between her teeth, and bed head and a not so pleasant odour. My instinct was to recoil, but she started to talk to me and so I found myself chatting with her and asking her questions. By the end, I wanted to cry. I literally had to hold back my tears. She was talking about how she’d lived her whole life with her parents and then they died. Now she is all alone in life… except for her fiance – a crossing guard who lives with his mom who has Alzheimer. Now it’s too bad so he cant really see her.. in fact they don’t talk on the phone and she hasn’t seen him in months. The last time he showed up at her home, she was out so in frustration he later told her it was finished but he’d see her later. She wistfully looked at me and said, “what do you think that means honey… is it really over”. She told me she spends $450 a month to store her parents belongings and has done so for 9 years. By the end of the conversation I was emphatically insisting she get that stuff out of storage and go on OKCupid to find a new man. Heartbreak on the TTC.

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