He made me feel so special!


I was on the subway coming home from downtown. There was a young Mexican male sitting behind me named Adrian. A burly older gentleman got on at Bathurst. He had a loud, booming voice almost like a drill sergeant. He asked the younger guy if he could sit and then I heard them in deep conversation for 10 mins. The drill serg had 20 questions – where is your family? Where do you work? How were your holidays? I was impressed with his ability to make conversation. When he got off at Jane I turned to the young guy and said ‘wow, that was impressive’! ‘I know’ he beamed… he went on to tell me how special it made him feel and how Xmas really brings out the best in people. We were laughing and taking selfies and when I turned around everyone was smiling at us. Yes, that’s how you connect with strangers lol. Most of us got off at Royal York and as I walked up the escalator two young guys standing beside me smiled and said ‘have a great holiday’ awwww I love these moments!

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