Fun Times at Indigo

Tonight I went to Indigo. I found 2 books and I was waiting at the cash to pay but no one was there. I was looking around impatiently when this guy walked up and said, ‘what, no one is here’? I shook my head and then he started in a high pitched, European female accent “somebody to help please… somebody to help please”. I was startled and amused and told him I’d be so freaking impressed if that actually worked. He raised his voice an octave and yelled “SOMEBODY TO HELP PLEASE”. Finally an employee heard and started coming our way. I told him ‘nice job’. He was laughing and said, “I heard an old lady do that once and it worked” and left. I had a huge smile on my face by the time the annoyed sales rep arrived. She looked at me and said, ‘very rude to yell in store’! I put my hands up and said ‘it wasn’t me’!!! She gave me the “whatever Shaggy” look, and checked me out. I wanted to say, “Retail 101 – have somebody there to take the money” but I was too happy and amused by my experience. Fun times at the bookstore!

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