Despacito and Marketing 101


I was on the subway at noon when someone started playing Despacito on the accordion. Loudly. We were all looking around to see what was happening. I thought, yay, are we going to have a youtube moment??!! People went from looking mildly confused and annoyed, to smiling. He only played for 2 minutes and then started to walk down the aisle with a cup. I reached into my purse to get some change and I noticed every person in my section did the same. I told him I needed a pic for my TTC Tales Blog and he happily obliged.

After he left I was thinking about how often people walk down the subway or street asking for change and everyone looks away or shakes their head in contempt. How interesting that all people want is something of value in exchange. I thought back to the homeless man in front of the Bay last winter playing the Recorder. I had smiled and given him money and said “I love your ingenuity”. I thought about the woman at Yonge and Queen who hands out little stickers and tells everyone they are beautiful. I always give her money and so do a lot of other people.

It’s interesting what compels us, or motivates us to help others. I feel like offering a free marketing session to panhandlers. There has to be a better marketing ploy than “I need to get enough money to get the go train”.

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