Day 1 on the Mean Streets

Our upscale office is uniquely placed right in the middle of Regent Park. I am surrounded by soup kitchens and shelters and homeless people, and yet oddly enough I am rarely, if ever asked for change – and I walk around super approachable with a smile in my eyes:) Today I had this delicious chicken and avocado sandwich on foccacia with sweet potato fries. I could only eat half and decided I was going to share the other half with a person in need. As I walked back to the office, I could feel my anxiety rising. Half the people in the park had white Styrofoam containers, as they had just gotten their lunch from one of soup kitchens, so I thought another meal would be anti-climactic. I noticed a bunch of guys on the corner, but I thought they looked like drug dealers and could probably afford their own meal. There were a couple of aggressive crack hookers but I know they don’t eat. As I got closer to my office, my fear of rejection kicked in… what if someone said no… I have to admit, I froze up. I walked in with my sandwich still in hand… so I ate it. Now I know what disappointment tastes like. Better luck tomorrow.

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