Connecting with the Youth

About a month ago I was on the Royal York bus when 2 school kids got on. They were probably around 13. One of the boys had a panicked look on his face because he had forgotten his wallet and phone and they had a field trip. He asked his friend if he should get off at the next stop and run home and grab it. He was conflicted because he’d been late so many times and the teacher said he’d get a detention the next time it happened. He said, “what if I can’t go on the trip”. His friend was indifferent and just shrugged. He didn’t jump off at the next stop but was looking progressively stressed. Finally I said, ‘Listen, get off and run home and get it. Even if you get the detention, how bad can that be – I’m sure the teacher won’t make you miss the trip, and you need your money”. He looked relieved, jumped off and i saw him running down the street. I always wondered if I made the poor kid miss his trip and I saw him on the bus today. I asked him how things went and he said “I did get a detention lol, but I did get to go on the trip, and I really needed my money so I was glad I went home”. He’s 13 and didn’t have the emotional maturity to say “thank you – you were an angel sent from God”.. but he felt it… oh yes, he felt it!

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