An Inexpensive High


On Saturday night Lily and I were on our way into Diner 120 to watch comedy. A smiling black gentleman approached and said “I’m so sorry to ask – I’d really like to get a coffee, I’m so cold and I don’t like to bother anyone. I don’t like to ask often so please forgive me”. He was kind of charming and very humble. We stopped to chat for a minute and I told him I didn’t think I had any change…. as I was searching he was just smiling sweetly. Finally I pulled out a bill as that’s all I had. He started to beam and he looked at Lily and said “you get your good looks from your mother, you are so lucky…. you are still growing into your beauty but your mother… she is beautiful and radiant”! Then he smiled at me and said, “I am full of love right now, you have made me feel loved, thank you so much”… awwww…..As we walked into the restaurant Lily rolled her eyes at me. I was smiling cockily.

I’ve started to realize that for only a few bucks someone can feel so amazing, and that in turn makes me feel amazing, and that’s a pretty inexpensive high

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