Relationship Goals


I was walking behind this couple on my way into Royal York Station. There were about 5ft tall and probably 80 years old. They held hands the whole way. When they got inside the station, they had to navigate the stairs. He took one step down holding the railing and when he was safely down, he moved his pole to his right side and turned to offer his wife his hand. She took it and stepped down one step. They repeated this process maybe 30 times between the two sets of stairs. I could have easily been on the train by that point but I hung back because it was so endearing to watch. They weren’t frustrated but instead very calm and smiling at each other. When they finally got down to the platform, they stood holding hands waiting for the subway. They stood right at the edge looking straight ahead, the husband with his ski pole firmly planted. When the doors opened, the husband pushed his pole into the train, planted it firmly and they both in unison stepped in, right foot first. They shuffled into a seat and sat down. The continued to hold hands saying nothing but smiling. I wanted to take another picture but it was such an intimate moment I didn’t want to be intrusive so I just smiled back at them.