Lady Sit Here!


As I walked through the packed Spadina Street car, I passed a Korean man with a bag on the seat beside him. He quickly picked it up and yelled “Lady sit here”! I couldn’t resist that and soon found myself sitting beside a man who smelled of alcohol and was quite vocal. He loudly told me that he lives in Pickering and that his mother lives in China Town… and that he has to visit her. His wife is at home and he works hard. He came from Korea and has lived here for 35 years. I always have this conflicting moment when I realize someone is drinking – half of me wants to move to another seat, and the other half wants to be polite and kind. I chose to remain and started to ask him questions. We had a full on conversation for about 15 minutes. At one point I pulled out my phone and said “Peter, I need a picture for my TTC tales”. He smiled widely for the pic and then pulled out his phone, put his arm around me and said ‘if you get one, I get one’. lol I hadn’t thought that through. I smiled for his pic and then everyone around smiled at our new friendship which was odd to say the least.