A Tale of Two Ships

I was on the subway, heading to Royal York Station when I heard a conversation begin. A young woman with glasses, a buttoned up blouse and messy pony tail was holding a book. Apparently the man standing beside her had read it and they started talking excitedly. It was some kind of math fiction book…. exciting stuff. Anyway, he apparently knew the entire back story and she was giddy with excitement. They were finishing each others sentences. The conversation turned to school talk, and a university lecture. I was bored so I missed part of it but tuned back in when she said, ‘this is my stop’. He said, “mine too”. She smiled and said, ‘GREAT’. I was getting off also and I followed closely behind. They walked slowly for a while, talking… so I walked slowly behind them… and then they sped up, so I sped up. Yes, imagine this ample woman running after a nerdy couple – but I just had to follow this. I just had to see how it ended. All I could think was, ‘you two are clearly soulmates’. What are the chances that two odd people who love the same Math fiction book, live at the same stop and know all the same boring stuff? Yes, clearly soulmates. Although to be honest, any time I meet an African man with an accent who likes Speaking, I think he’s my soulmate, so I’m occasionally off. When we got to the exit my mind was whirling… how are they going to seal the deal? They walked slower and slower and finally smiled this wistful smile and said goodbye. They turned away and walked off alone. Two ships passing in the night. I was aghast. Never would I have let this opportunity pass by.