Yesterday I watched a friend of mine looking so handsome in his tux, propose to his beautiful, glamorous girlfriend in front of a crowd of people and cameras. It was so romantic and I was holding my breath, ‘oh god, say yes”! I thought…. and she did! I got a little emotional as it’s so beautiful to see someone proclaim their love like that.

When I left the office, I walked past Queen and Sumach. There was a couple in their mid thirties, their faces hardened by years of drugs and street life, laying on the sidewalk. Their upper bodies were on the lawn, and their bottom halves sprawled out over the cement. Her knees were between his, they were holding hands, their faces an inch apart, fast asleep. I was staring at them, mesmerized. I so desperately wanted to take a picture but I knew I couldn’t violate their privacy like that.

All I could think about was…. Love – it’s a universal need. It’s not gifted to the deserving – you don’t have to change or be richer, or slimmer, or more desirable. Love is ours to have and there truly is someone for everyone.