Sweetheart Meter:)


I was at the Dundas Station when I saw an elderly homeless man sitting in the stairs with a sign. I was searching my purse for change with my back to him when I heard him say “Is that my sweetheart meter going off”? lol. I didn’t have much change but he was so adorable I felt inclined to pull out a $5 (something I rarely do). I said, “can I ask you something… if I had given you a cake, would you have liked that? (I’ll explain this someday). He said, “I SURE would”! lol. So adorable. We talked all about what kind of cake he liked, and then he told me that he’d been a teacher once, and that he’d spent $280K taking care of his mom in a home and when he lost her he had no one. He was so moved that I was listening to him that he started to cry and asked for a hug. He said, “no one ever sees me”. At that exact moment two young people came by and gave him sandwiches. He jumped up and told me I had changed his luck and he couldn’t be any happier.

Marketing 101

I left the bank at Queen and Church and a man approached me:

“Can you spare 25 cents”?

“I sure can” I said. I smiled and reached into my purse. “How are you doing’?

(He sees he has a live one now lol.)

“I’m ok, I’m just really trying to get a meal at McDonalds”.

I hand him a toonie.

“Ya, I’m really trying to get $10 to get a meal at McDonald’s”. he says.

“Well – here is $2 – that’s 8 times what you asked for, so you have to be happy with that outcome”.

He stares at me for a second. He starts to walk away and then turns towards me – “I wasn’t asking for the whole $10” he says, and shows me another toonie, “I was just trying to work towards that so I can get a meal”.

“I really liked your approach but it needs a little work”.

Now he is fascinated. He wants to walk away but he can’t bring himself to.

“You asked me for 25 cents and I thought, how can I possibly say no to such a humble request? As I reached for my money, you told me you were trying to get a meal. I’m already invested in the transaction and now I want to help you reach your goal. And then you say, you need $10 for McDonalds. Now I’m thinking, what are you getting, the McFilet Mignon? All of a sudden I have images of you getting high in the park and I lose my feel good moment. It’s ok, because the deal is done, but what happens when you see me next week, I’m less inclined to be a repeat contributor, you need to stay realistic”!

He is quiet for about 30 seconds and then he throws his head back and laughs loudly. “I’ll keep that in mind” he says, and then he’s gone.