Like a Boss

This morning I was at Tim Horton’s having breakfast. I was sitting at a high table right beside the cash. A slightly disheveled and disoriented man in his late 40’s shuffled in. He must have asked what kind of muffins they had because I heard the girl recite a list before he chose one. She grabbed the muffin, and as she was putting it in a bag he turned to me and said, ‘can you buy me a muffin’? I was taken aback by his process but I was too impressed not to say “you better believe I can buy you a muffin”. I handed him $2.00 and he paid. I wondered to myself, did he actually have the money and just want to see if he could get more, or was he just so confident that he pre-ordered like a boss?

A minute later he received my change, put it in his pocket and sauntered out.

Game all over the place! lol