Tom is Talented

This morning I rode the subway from Royal York to Broadview. An attractive Jamaican woman in her early 40’s entered and was standing behind me. I could hear a man ask her if she wanted a seat. His name was Tom I found out, and he was a business analyst for Bell. She declined in a polite manner and then he launched into a full conversation. He asked her about the jewelry she was wearing, her background, her career. He shared his story as well. They’d both been to Miami, they both loved to travel. Her stop was nearing and she let him know. They introduced themselves and shook hands and I was dying to know how he was going to go in for the close. Finally he said, “Do you have a website – I’d love to see some of your art work”. Nice. She did and she told him the address before departing at St.George. Tom had had to give up his seat so the TTC driver could get into his window, so he then sat beside me.

I waited a second before I said, “Tom, I admire your ability to hold a conversation, it’s a real art”. He was taken aback and laughed, and then we started talking. Mostly we talked about how afraid people were to talk – and how they were perceived as crazy. We were both from small northern towns originally, and we talked about our jobs and how we both lived on Royal York. I mentioned that she was quite attractive, and I really enjoyed the website question. “Impressive Tom – you nailed that”. He laughed again.

We both got off at Broadview and split up at the buses. Before he left he said… btw, do you have a website? Why yes… yes I do Tom…. and perhaps he’ll read this story there:)